Adrià Fruitós was born in Barcelona on 1984.

Today based in Strasbourg, France, Adrià makes illustrations for the international press. He approach a variety of social, political and economic topics drawing inspiration from the collective imagination. His illustrations are loaded with symbolism. He collaborate regularly with some newspapers and magazines like Le Monde, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The Africa Report or The Nation. Responsiveness needed for these kind of media represents an exciting challenge for him. His work has appeared in many group exhibitions in Spain, Italy, Japan, Iran, USA, France, China, England, Slovakia, Ukraine, Slovenia, Colombia and Portugal.

Clients : Le Monde · Courrier International · Libération · L’Obs · Le Parisien · Les Inrocks · The New York Times · The New Yorker · The Boston Globe · The Washington Post · ProPublica · The Real Deal · Time Out NY · Miami New Times · Detroit Metro Times · Capital New York · Phoenix New Times · Riverfront Times · City Pages · La Vanguardia · El Periódico · The Daily Telegraph · The National Abu Dhabi · USA Today · The Nation · Rolling Stone Magazine · PlayBoy Magazine · Atlanta Magazine · National Journal · Harvard Business Review · Cincinnati Magazine · Scientific American · Grupo Planeta · Adweek Magazine · Oxford University Press · Penguin Random House · Il Corriere della Sera · Wirtschafts Woche · Die Zeit · The Africa Report · Revue XXI · Revue Jeune Afrique · CNRS Journal · Revue Terrain · Arte TV …